Upgrading to an electronic trap was once a major financial and spacial commitment, however all of that changes with the Primax Automatic Trap Thrower. It combines high-volume target-throwing capacity with a compact design which fits in the trunk of most vehicles. It is super easy to set up and can be done with one person alone if you like to go solo. The magazine holds up to 50 clays and adjustable launch angles and a range of 70-80 metres.


  • Compact & Portable Design
  • 75 - 90 Yard range (~70 - 80m)
  • Load up to 50 Targets into the auto feeder
  • 5┬░ - 35┬░Adjustable Launch Angles
  • Aluminium Alloy throwing arm.
  • Safety features
  • Foot pedal release
  • Heavy-duty Powder Coated Steel Construction