TSUNAMI Waterproof Hard Pistol Carry Case 310mm x 249mm x 80mm

Includes Pick & Pluck Foam


  • External DIM.(LxWxD): 310*249*80mm(12.2"9.8"3.15")
  • Internal DIM.(LxWxD): 304*192*71mm(11.97"X7.56"2.8")
  • Material: Engineering PP
  • Weight(Kg): 0.85kg
  • Wheels: Without
  • Colors: Black
  • Range Temperature: -10℃~60℃


  • Professionally designed and developed strictly complying with the highest safety protection standard.
  • Advanced valve design, avoid troubles of pressure differences.
  • Humanization design of the interior is convenient for setting meters and other devices.
  • Ergonomic handle with a rubber covering design has a comfortable hand feel and lessens strain.
  • Standard configuration is solid wavy foam with cube foam, which enhance protection degree and easy-to-use.


  • Military: protecting and transporting guns and ammo, equipments for communication, EOD medical, etc.
  • Photography: storage and carrying of precision camera or lenses etc. The waterproof, damp proof and shockproof functions offer a better protection to your valuable devices.
  • Industry:  good companion to your precision meters, who not only offers better protection but also portable and make your outdoor work easier.


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