150pc Auto Fuse Assortment, Comprising; Standard Fuses 5 To 30mm, Mini Fuse

Brand: GRIP
Price: $25.00
150pc Auto Fuse Assortment Comprising; Standard Fuses 5 To 30mm Mini Fuse
1 x Auto Tester
1 x Alligator Clip
1 x Neon Tweezer


- Routine fuse:

15pcs-5amp, 15pcs-10amp, 15pcs-15amp

15pcs-20amp, 15pcs-25amp, 15pcs-30amp

- Mini fuse:

9pcs-5amp, 9pcs-25amp, 9pcs-30amp

10pcs-10amp. 10pcs-15amp, 10pcs-20amp

- 1pc auto tester

- 1pc alligator clip

- 1pc neon tweezer

Set contains the most commonly replaced fuses.

Chip-type fuses meet or exceed OEM specification. 


SKU 16027
Brand GRIP
Unit Of Measure ea
Type 9