6 Coils x KINNEARS Marine Braid Multi-Purpose Poly Rope, 8mm x 20M

KINNEARS Multi-purpose poly rope consist of a marine braid construction, making it strong and economical. Polypropylene is one of the strongest material as strength is unaffected when wet. It will stretch before breaking (up to 30% of length) and has exceptional resistance to abrasion. PP ropes float and will resist alkalis and acids. PP melts at 165C and are hard to ignite. Also features a stiffer handle than the other materials, providing firm grip when in use. 
Product Description
- Multi-purpose
- 8mm x 20M 
- Comes in pack of 6 x coils
- Braided polypropylene rope
- Strong and economical, strength is unaffected when wet
- Will stretch before breaking (up to 30% of length)
- Exceptional resistance to abrasion, oils and acids, weathering & UV and mildew & water
- Floats in water
- Melts at 165C 
- With "Hook & Loop Fastener" hanging straps


SKU 500052-K6
Brand Kinnears
Unit Of Measure ea