4 x TRAFALGAR ABE Fire Extinguisher 1.5kg - Class A, B, E

This Trafalgar ABE Fire Extinguisher is ideal for your workspace, allowing peace of mind while you work away and a sense of safety in your area. It has a Phosphate-treated polyester-coated design and a steel-coated handle for an easy grip.


  • This extinguisher is designed for Class A, Class B, and Class E fires
  • Dry powder extinguishing type
  • 1A:20B:E Fire Rating
  • Phosphate-treated, Polyester-Coated Glossy Steel Cylinder
  • Brackets for Mounting



  • Extinguisher Type: Dry Powder
  • Material: Phosphate-treated Polyester-Coated
  • Product Dimensions: 140Wx 110D x 350H mm
  • Product Weight: 1.5kg
  • Type of Fire/s: Class A (Solids - wood, paper, texttiles, etc), Class B (Liquids - gasoline, grease, alchohol, etc), Class E (Electrical)



Barcode # 9354506011840