This ACDelco Fully Automatic Battery Charger is designed to charge 6V & 12V rechargeable  lead acid batteries with rate Amp hour (Ah) capacity of no  less than 8Ah.

The application can be applied on conventional automotive,  maintenance free, marine deep cycle and AGM, Gel cell batteries such as those used in cars, trucks, farm  equipment, boats, lawn mowers, tractors,airplanes,  motorcycles, vans, RVs and SUVs, personal watercraft,  snowmobile, ATVs, trolling motors, etc.


  • Increases battery performance and lifespan
  • Power up your damanged battery
  • Fully automatic pulse charging cycle
  • Auto wake-up
  • Charges both 6V & 12V batteries via auto-detect voltage function
  • Selectable current outputs of 2, 4 and 6 amps
  • 3 Stage fully automatic logic controlled
  • Stages are qualifying voltage, bulk charge and absoroption charge
  • Autoamtic shutdown
  • LED Indication for percentage of achieved charge
  • Error checking
  • Overcharge protection
  • Overheating protections
  • Short circuit protection
  • Spark proof clamps
  • Lightweight compact design


  • Net Weight: 1153g
  • Input Voltage: 200-240AC/50~60±3 Hz
  • Fuse: 4A/250V
  • Output voltage range: 6V/12V
  • Charge Rate: 2/4/6 amps
  • Dimensions: 152mm x 186mm x 73mm


SKU I-7011
Barcode # 4893447530584

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