IRWIN HANSON 38pc Machine Screw Fractional & Metric 1'' Die Set

  • Die-Lock means no more set-screws needed - simply twist to insert and remove die
  • Ergonomic handles provide more control and comfort when threading
  • Drive with : Die Stock, 3/8'' Ratchet or T-handled
  • Adjustable Jaw - Two tap sockets fit No.4 to 1/2'' or 3mm to 12mm
  • Alignment Plate aligns die perfectly on materials
  • More steel at critical points provides additional strength
  • Alignment Chamfer aligns tap perfectly
  • Chip Breaking Technology (CBT) cuts chip cleaner and easier
Set Includes:
  • Machine Screw: 4-40NC, 6-32NC, 8-32NC, 10-24NC, 10-32NF, 12-24NC 
  • Fractional: 1/4”-20NC, 1/4”-28NF, 5/16”-18NC, 5/16”-24NF, 3/8”-16NC, 3/8”-24NF, 7/16”-14NC, 7/16”-20NF, 1/2”-13NC, 1/2”-20NF | Metric: 3-0.50mm, 4-0.70mm, 4-0.75mm, 5-0.80mm, 5-0.90mm, 6-1.00mm, 7-1.00mm, 8-1.00mm, 8-1.25mm, 9-1.00mm, 9-1.25mm, 10-1.25mm, 10-1.50mm, 11-1.50mm, 12-1.25mm, 12-1.75mm 
  • Pipe: 1/8”-27NPT, 1/8”-28BSP 
  • Threading Tools: PTS Die Stock - 1“, PTS Die Spacer , SAE Pitch Gauge, Metric Pitch Gauge


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