MSA Left/Right Dual Headband Electronic Ear Muffs with FM Radio Reciever
The left/right ear muffs are different from all existing hearing protectors as individual muffs, are designed to fit both the left and right ears and compensate for the asymmetric position of the ears on the head.
The headband design and the thinner and more flexible sealing rings ensure an optimal fit for comfort.
Large muffs provide more room for the ear, guaranteeing complete protection regardless of the shape and size of the ear.
  • Noise Reduction Rating 23dB
  • Innovative design
  • Individual cups for left and right ears
  • Anatomically shaped cushions
  • Large cups with more space for the ears
  • Sound levels from microphones and speakers are limited to max 82dB (A)


SKU 10114477
Brand MSA
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