The Lenock brand's 11”(28cm) by 50-foot(15m) roll of heat-seal bag material makes it possible to create 11”(28cm) wide bags that are as long as you need. The convenient custom-length storage bags mean no more wasted material. Use the custom-length bags for storing anything from cuts of meat, fish, and make-ahead meals in the freezer to leftovers or fresh produce in the fridge to homemade foods. For writing the date and contents of the food being stored,there is a light blue panel on the transparent bag. 

Designed for use at all heat-seal vacuum sealing system, the Lenock vacuum roll provides exceptional flexibility. 
The vacuum sealing system automatically removes all the air from the bag and then uses heat to create an airtight seal, which locks out moisture and air to protect food and maintain freshness. Lenock vacuum rolls can be used repeatedly right after use.

The Lenock roll features a unique multi-layer BPA-free material. Removing all of the air from inside the bag and creating an air-tight barrier around food locks in freshness and effectively prevents stored items from spoiling or getting freezer burned.

In addition to blocking moisture and oxygen that can compromise the freshness of food, the material's multi-layer construction makes the bags safe and strong enough for freezing, microwaving, and simmering. Vacuum seal foods prepared ahead of time, then cook and serve without sacrificing freshness.


  • Embossed Film Roll Bags for Household Vacuum Sealer
  • Commercially 4.0mil(100μm)/4.0mil(100μm)(Non-embossed/Embossed sides) film thickness
  • Compatible with microwave, fridger and sous-vide
  • Extend food shelf time by 5X
  • Maintains seal in all temperature conditions, perfect for Sous-vide cooking or long term freezer storage
  • Multi-layers construction (2 layers of PE & 1 layer of Nylon) 
  • Specially designed to maximize air removal and continuous vacuum sealing 
  • Best quality with excellent sealing & mechanical properties for vacuum seals 
  • Economically priced (11”/28cm width x 50’/15m length) - make your own size bags
  • Compatible with most household vacuum sealers
  • Re-sealable and can be washed for reuse
  • BPA Free, FDA & LFGB approved
  • Made in Korea

Item specifications

  • Thickness : 4.0 mils (100μm) 
  • Length of roll : 50ft/15 meters
  • Width: 11”/28cm
  • No. of rolls : 2 rolls


Brand Lenock
Unit Of Measure ea