RIG-MATE Creeper Winch 800kg With Rope x 20m

The RIG-MATE Creeper Winch is designed to be lightweight and extremely durable. RIG-MATE creeper winches are very versatile, can be used at any angle and are not restricted in rope length. Nobles can make up non-standard rope lengths as required. The winch functions by the simultaneous use of two jaws. One jaw locks on the rope while the other pulls in turn.
RIG-MATE creeper winches can be used in a variety of applications including construction and 4WD recovery.


  • Safety shear pins to prevent overloading.
  • Aluminium body ensures light weight, durability and corrosion resistance.
  • All winches are fully proof load tested at manufacture.
  • Dual rated for pulling of lifting applications.
  • Low operating effort.
  • Appropriate swivel hooks are available if the winch is used in a lifting application.



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Barcode # 9354506008147